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marți, 1 august 2017

Webinar nr.6 despre "Planta sacra: Secretele vindecarii explicate"

Reminder that Webinar #6 in The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Explained webinar series is airing TONIGHT, at 9 p.m. Eastern USA.
Watch Webinar #6 here
You don’t want to miss Webinar 6… it’s called “Be Empowered: How to Make Safe Choices When Choosing a Medicine.”  This webinar is all about empowering you to take back your health and make good decisions.
We’re going to answer questions like:

  • Can Sacred Plant medicine go bad? Does it have a shelf life?
  • Is Hemp CBD the same as Cannabis CBD?
  • Can an out-of-state patient go to California or Colorado and legally purchase a Sacred Plant medicine?
  • What do I need to make my own oils at home? Is this legal?
  • What’s the best extraction for me to do at home?